Caroline's Story

Ontarians are crying out for change. They’re depending on us.

We have to help families, make life more affordable, and care for those in need. To do that, we have to win.

She is an accomplished professional woman with a career in the private sector spanning business and law. At the same time, she’s a mom raising four beautiful kids with her husband Andrew. Caroline gives back, running a charity that benefits homeless and at-risk women and girls.

Yes, she’s had a unique upbringing. As the daughter of a Progressive Conservative Prime Minister, Caroline has been immersed in PC politics all her life. Her father is, after all, a man who knows something about how to win elections! It’s made her strong. She knows what real scrutiny is like, the kind our next leader will have to face.

She has strong roots in our Party and retail politics is in her blood. As the PC candidate in York-Simcoe and the only nominated candidate in this race, she has knocked on thousands of doors, made fundraising calls, attended coffee parties, and hosted volunteer appreciation events.

Caroline represents change for our Party and for Ontario. She is something new, different, forward-looking and positive. No one will work harder. She carries no baggage at a time when we can’t afford any.

The stakes are just too high. Too many people are counting on us... looking to us to bring meaningful positive change to Ontario. We can’t let them down. With Caroline as MPP, we won’t.