Caroline’s Five Priorities for A Better, Brighter Ontario

1. Support the needs of Ontario families

  • Make quality childcare more affordable and accessible.
  • Empower unlicensed child care providers to receive enhanced training and become licenced.
  • Revisit the 2009 Expert Panel Expert Panel on Infertility and Adoption report and consult with former panellists on what they believe are the best options for reform..
  • Develop a framework which will lead to improved access and greater education about hospice and palliative care.

2. Reform and re-invigorate the Ontario PC Party

  • Establishing an expert committee to develop a modern, fair, and transparent sexual harassment policy;
  • Creating a new position of Chief Information Officer to ensure we always have up-to-date technologies and software;
  • Putting in place a new and stronger vetting processes for candidates, senior staff and party executive members;
  • Working with the Executive to ensure the Provincial Nominations Committee is empowered to operate in a fair and transparent manner without improper influences, to ensure a truly open and fair nominations process;
  • Establishing the role of an Ethics Advisor to advise the Leader, MPPs, senior staff and Executive Members on any ethical issues;
  • Establishing rules and guidelines on what constitutes legitimate party expenses; and
  • Tightening RFP procedures for major Party and Campaign expenditures.

3. Reduce taxes

  • Reduce taxes by nearly one quarter for the middle class.
  • Stop the carbon tax.

4. Take care of our seniors

  • Eliminate the backlog of long-term care beds.
  • Provide better community-based access for seniors, especially those who don’t speak English as a first language.
  • Expand the Caregiver Tax Credit.
  • Improve access to hospice and palliative care.

5. Create more and better jobs in Ontario

  • Ensure career counselling for young people respects and promotes skilled trades, with new training for school guidance counsellors.
  • Take practical steps to make apprenticeship easier, like expanding access to loans for tools.
  • Expanding co-op, apprenticeship and experiential learning opportunities, not only for skilled trades, but also for other well-paid technical jobs in high demand.