Caroline Mulroney Will Create More and Better Jobs

TORONTO, ON (March 2, 2018) – Today, PC Party leadership candidate Caroline Mulroney was joined by The Honourable Lisa Raitt as she outlined her five priorities to get Ontario back on track in a major speech to the Economic Club of Canada.

Caroline is the only candidate with a clear vision and plan for how she will deliver the change Ontario families deserve as PC Leader and as Premier. She has committed to delivering support for Ontario families, lowering taxes, restoring confidence in the operations of the PC Party and delivering help for our vulnerable seniors. Today, Caroline announced her fifth, and final priority – to create more and better jobs for Ontario.

As Premier, Caroline will reverse the Wynne Liberal government’s dismal record by tackling the barriers that have stalled job creation in Ontario, and bring jobs back to Ontario. She understands that a growing, high-wage economy depends on skilled workers so, under her leadership, Caroline will:

  • Ensure career counselling for young people respects and promotes skilled trades, with new training for school guidance counsellors;
  • Take practical steps to make apprenticeship easier, like expanding access to loans for tools; and
  • Expanding co-op, apprenticeship and experiential learning opportunities, not only for skilled trades, but also for other well-paid technical jobs in high demand.

Caroline will also work with the private sector to ensure Ontario is a champion for free trade and access to markets. She will create a blue-ribbon panel of leading entrepreneurs and investors to help inform government policy and efforts to attract entrepreneurship, investment, and hiring across the economy.

“There has been no greater failure by Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals than their dismal record on jobs, and it’s threatening our next generation’s ability to live and work in our province,” said Caroline. “As Premier, I will bring forward a fresh and new approach to politics so that we can to build a province where everyone has a shot at success, where anyone can work hard and get ahead.”

Caroline delivers her five priorities as online voting begins for the Ontario PC leadership. Voting will run until March 8. Leadership results will be announced on March 10, 2018.